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"To foster healing and reduce the trauma of child abuse and neglect by providing prevention, intervention and advocacy services to children and family members."


"Working together with communities to ensure all children and families have access to essential services and thrive in an environment that is abuse and neglect free."


Family Advocacy

We Support Children & Families



Counseling Services

We Foster Healing & Promote Growth


To inquire about counseling services, give us a call! 

Forensic Interviews

We Listen to Kids & Teens

Prior to child advocacy centers children were questioned on average of 7 times during the course of an investigation. Children now can come to the NMCAC, where they will find an inviting and sensitive setting. They no longer need to be interviewed by multiple people or have to retell their stories as they once did years ago. 

Children do not come into contact with uniformed law enforcement during their interview and no longer need to speak in settings that are not child friendly.  

All interviews are conducted by a trained and experienced child forensic interviewer that will speak with the caregiver prior to conducting the interview. 


Prevention & Outreach

We Educate our Communities

We’re dedicated to protecting children, breaking the cycle of abuse, and promoting a safe environment. Through this evidence-informed program, we intervene early, mitigate long-term negative effects of child abuse, and strengthen families. From kindergarten to 4th grade, our age-appropriate segments empower students with knowledge about their rights, types of touch, identifying Safe Adults, and when/how to seek help. We provide comprehensive resources for educators, while students take home a Kids Have Rights brochure for continued discussions. Join us in creating a safer environment, supporting families, and fostering a society that values children’s safety and well-being. 

Medical Services

We Care for Kids & Teens

All non-acute medicals are performed by a specially trained pediatrician and are scheduled for two hours allowing both the child and the non-offending caregiver adequate time to discuss their concerns.

SANE nurses are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to perform acute exams (SANE Exam) and on a scheduled basis for non-acute exams. Non-acute exams, similar to a well- child exam, are scheduled and take place on Fridays. 

SANE stands for sexual assault nurse examiner, who provides a trauma informed exam to those who have experienced a sexual assault. These exams are performed following an assault & can take place up to 120 hours, or 5 days, from the time an assault occurred. If you are an adult seeking this service for yourself, please click the “Adult Services” button located below and/or at the very top of all website screens.