"Perhaps the butterfly is proof that we can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful"

Serving Crawford, Roscommon, Ogemaw, Otsego, Oscoda & Iosco Counties

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NMCAC Provides Unlimited Counselling Sessions to the the affected child and non-offending family members.

Victim Advocacy

A NMCAC victim advocate is provided to the victim to help with investigation, follow-up sessions and referrals.

Forensic Interviewing

A specially trained interviewer interviews children in a non-suggestive manner to gather information regarding suspected abuse.

Outreach & Prevention

NMCAC works to educate community members on ways to prevent and respond to child abuse.

Medical Examination

NMCAC employs specially trained medical professionals that provide examinations on site, free of charge.

"To foster the healing and reduce the trauma of child abuse and neglect by providing prevention, intervention, and advocacy to children & their family members"


NMCAC at a Glance

We work diligently to serve children & families affected by abuse. All services are provided FREE of charge!

At our family friendly facilities we conduct counseling/therapy, advocacy support, child forensic interviews and medical services free of charge. All services take place on-site and are provided at both of our locations in Roscommon and Tawas, MI.