Northern Michigan Children's Assessment Center (NMCAC)

Our Services

Forensic Interviews

A specially trained interviewer interviews children in a non-suggestive manner to gather information regarding suspected abuse. Team members (Law Enforcement and Children’s Protective Services) observe the interview via teleconferencing, ensuring a fully admissible coordinated interview that reduces the number of times a child must be interviewed.

Victim Advocate Support

A victim advocate is available to meet with caregivers at the time of the initial interview at the Center and is available to provide support, make referrals, and provide follow-up services to families throughout the investigation process.

Assessment Services

A counselor is available to conduct an evaluation with a child who displays concerning behaviors where the origin is unknown. This services can be parent-referred and is primarily designed for the children eight years and younger.

Medical Exam

A noninvasive medical exam is offered at the CAC to children who come through the Center.  The exam consists of a basic well-child exam with the addition of a specialized, noninvasive sexual abuse exam.
The medical evaluation also provides children (and caregivers) an opportunity to ask questions about their bodies. Children often need the reassurance that their body is okay after sexual abuse has occurred.


The Children’s Assessment Center contracts with a Master’s level counselor who provide counseling sessions to children who were interviewed at the Center. Counseling services are also available to non-offending family members. The number of sessions that a child qualifies for is unlimited, and all sessions are free of charge.