Northern Michigan Children's Assessment Center (NMCAC)

New Exam Room Added

Starting tomorrow, Friday January 15, 2016 children are able to receive a medical exam at the Center.examroom

What an accomplishment for our community and for the children and families we serve. This could not have occurred without the support of the community.

THANKS to MidMichigan Health Park for partnering with us and opening the medical clinic and to Dr. Lyndsy McMorrow.

Thanks to the Roscommon County Community Foundation and to the other donors who made contributions towards the purchase of the specialized medical equipment needed to conduct the exams.


NMCAC Offering Counseling Services – Thanks to RCCF

Exciting things happening at the Center. Thanks to the support of the Roscommon County Community Foundation we are able to RCCF_supportcontract with a mental health provider and will soon be providing counseling services at the Center. A BIG THANK YOU to the RCCF for their support.

The center could not exist without the communities support. Please consider making a donation so we can continue providing services to the children in our community.

Northern Michigan Children's Assessment Center (NMCAC)

Adult Victims of Assault / Violence